Three in a row (August 5, 2011)

The Charlotte Comicon on Sunday, July 31, was the best show that Rick Fortenberry and Dave Hinson have ever had. They had a record 573 attendance, a great turnout for the costume contest, and for me, record sales and record purchases.

That makes three great shows in three weeks (15 days); the RobCon in Bristol on July 16, the Virginia Vintage Show in Salem July 23, and now Charlotte. In spite of the economy and gas prices, comics are going great.

Sales were all over the lot, from NYX to Sgt. Fury to Hulk, and I sold several Mad magazines from the early 60s. Great deals offered by Chris Foss, David Shankel, and William Anfin. My inventory made a big upgrade, with the Hillsville Flea Market upcoming.

Over the last few days economic news has gotten even scarier, but this still looks like a good comics year.