Weird Flea Market karma

Some strange things happen at the HIllsville, VA Labor Day Flea Market. Today's event may be the wierdest karma yet.

It might be expected that there would be some strong psychic energy when half a million people converge, the vendors looking to strike it rich and the shoppers looking for half a million Holy Grails.

My weird event happened as I was strolling around after getting my tent set up for the Friday start of sales. (Earlier in the day, I had found at a small, Floyd yard sale a House of Mystery 76, All American Men of War 56, a Confederate $2 bill, and a few other nice bits of ephemera) Technicaly, it is a violation of town ordinance to buy or sell prior to the official opening of the flea market on Friday morning, but it does go on.

I passed by a table that featured low-print local history books, and one in particular caught my attention: Early Story of Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee by Vernon Roddy. My mother-in-law was from Red Boiling, and I have visited many times. Wow, what are the odds of finding that rare book at the Hillsville Flea Market!

But what was more stunning, when I opened the book and read the inscription: "To Geneva and Tony, April 11, 1992, from: Lanita and Ward Kemp." Amazing: the book was a gift from Nancy's aunt and uncle to her parents! Now you're flirting with billion to one odds (well, at least something you don't encounter every day). Needless to say, I bought the book (not daring to way a dozen hours until it would be legal to do so). This has to be my all time karma/serendipity/coincidence of the flea market. I couldn't have been more astounded, or more pleased, if I had found a nice copy of Action #1 for a hundred bucks...